5 Reasons Why Cloud Hosting Is ideal For Small Businesses

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5 Reasons Why Cloud Hosting Is ideal For Small Businesses

In India, the last two decades saw a surge in the number of new businesses being launched. It also saw an increase in the number of businesses wanting to establish an online presence. Small businesses had to stay at the top of their digital game in the competitive digital world to compete with larger organizations. Hence, the core of a brand’s online presence, its website, became an essential asset to stay in touch with existing and new clients. However, they needed to ensure that the website’s performance is on par with that of a larger corporation. Apart from the site’s design, the choice of the web hosting plan plays a huge role in its performance. While there are various hosting types to choose from, cloud server hosting has gained popularity due to the range of benefits offered. This article will talk about cloud hosting in India and look at the features that make it ideal for small business websites.

What do small business websites need from a hosting plan?

Every website needs to be stored on a webserver to be available on the internet. Since each website is different, its hosting requirements are unique too. However, if we look at the websites of small businesses, then there are some common features required by them from hosting services:

  • Features like maximum uptimes, top-notch security, fast-loading pages, etc., allow the site to perform like websites of larger corporations.
  • As it is a small business, growth can be in sudden bursts and exponential. Hence, traffic spikes can be a regular occurrence. Hence, the hosting plan should be able to manage traffic spikes with ease.
  • Since the budgets of a small business are not very high, the hosting plan should be cost-efficient.

Cloud Hosting and small business websites

In cloud hosting, your website is stored on a cloud storage network-backed shared web server. The cloud hosting service providers offer features that are well-suited to the requirements of a small business website as described below:

01: Speed

Cloud hosting is known to offer faster-loading websites as compared to most traditional hosting types. It is primarily due to the design of a cloud hosting service. Additionally, cloud providers use caching solutions and CDNs to boost the speed by up to 1000 times.

It is an important feature for a small business website since it helps establish a brand image of sensitive time consumption for the clients.

02: Value for Money

As a site owner, you have to pay for the web hosting plan as long as the site is online. For small businesses, this is important since the IT budgets are not very high. However, buying the cheapest web hosting plan can be counterproductive. Therefore, they need a plan that offers features agreeable to a small business website.

Cloud hosting is not the cheapest hosting service. However, it is a good option for growing websites. With features like resource scalability, maximum uptimes, etc., it ensures that a small business site grows optimally.

03: Resource Scalability

For a small business site, managing traffic spikes is a crucial aspect. Hence, it needs a hosting plan that can help with the management of such spikes. With cloud hosting, the cloud storage network ensures that the host adds resources to the plan instantly. Hence, it is ideal for small business websites.

04: Reliability

If a website is facing regular downtimes, then online users tend to stay away. Small business sites need to manage this aspect carefully since regular downtimes can lead to a bad brand image and a poor SEO rank. Most cloud hosting providers offer 99.9{6e3177eed6c903075d47ac7b462d087bb52c718a50b3a16632983daba6ec97dd}+ uptime assurance making them perfect for such sites.

05: Top-Notch Security

Cloud hosting providers leverage the architecture of the cloud and use the latest tools to offer one of the most secured hosting environments to site owners.

Summing Up

As you can see, the features offered by cloud hosting make it ideal for almost all types of websites. Also, for small business websites, they seem like a perfect fit. However, not every cloud hosting plan is the same. Hence, to buy the best cloud hosting, research the options, compare features, assess your site’s requirements, and consider all aspects carefully. Good Luck!

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