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AvisMap GIS Engine is a comprehensive SDK designed to custom develop GIS solutions and applications. This SDK provides several ActiveX (OCX) controls which support Visual Basic, VB.NET, C#, Visual C++ and other ActiveX compatible programming languages, with Microsoft Visual Studio versions 6, 2003, 2005, and Express.
Supports .NET via COM. While the SDK is excellent for desktop GIS application development, it is also appropriate for the development of enterprise level, multi-user user GIS solutions using SQL database map layers.
The SDK supports the storage and access of vector map and image data in three SQL database formats: a) the proprietary SDB file database b) SQL Server and c) Oracle and Oracle Spatial.
AvisMap GIS Engine is the basic development platform for AvisMap GIS suites, which is a new generation component GIS development platform for GIS application developers. Moreover, this SDK can provide powerful GIS functions through its Active X controls that are based on Microsoft COM component technique.
It allows users to rapidly develop professional GIS applications and increase GIS functions for classical management information system (MIS) by adding graphic visualization, spatial data processing, data analysis or other functions.


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AvisMap GIS Engine 3.01 Crack+ With Keygen For Windows

IMPL_COM* (AvisMap COM) is the basis of SDK. It provides a good and concise access for API vesus client APIs which are used to control or access the geometry. IMPL_COM contains all the features of class AvisMap. Additionally, it provides a data structure which can be used as a class.
For each COM component, the SDK provides some basic functionalities:
– Working with COM objects
– Declaring interfaces and basic class structures
– Creating COM Objects
– Working with Graphics
– Handling events
– Assigning event handlers
– Managing graphical elements
For more information about this, please visit the detailed documentation of IMPL_COM at the main web site.
The MIDL compiler is used to generate the native methods that are required to call COM components and to convert the data structure to the native data type. These files can be used as a reference. Also MIDL is a highly efficient instruction set and easy to use.
The AvisMap ODBC drivers allows the creation of a database and the connection between a SQL Server or an Oracle database and a Visual Studio database project. The ODBC Driver with the AvisMap GIS Engine Free Download provides the functionality to read and write vector map data into a database.
4. SHP
The geometry information of a map can be stored in a SHP format. While the conversion between them is trivial, there are also a number of flexibility and more easy to use.
5. SDB
This data format is a powerful data format. SDB supports both spatial and non-spatial data. It can also easily open a database and store data in it.
6. DBF
The DBF library creates a map from a database. It can create the map in SDB or SHP format or from an existing database.
The CAPI library allows us to instantiate the different components in order to create a GIS solution.
AvisMap GIS Engine Development Resources:
* AvisMap SDK

* AvisMap SDK Documentation:

* AvisMap SDK document documents.
For the documentation formats, please visit:


AvisMap GIS Engine 3.01 Crack Serial Key

AvisMap GIS Suite is a new generation GIS component to make development of GIS applications simpler, faster and more compatible. It can be used as a GIS base system, which is designed to work with other GIS software components and applications as a foundation. With AvisMap GIS Suite, users can implement real-time GIS functions by using the components, including administrative management, automation, map processing, simulation, GIS/Map integration and other interactive functions.
AvisMap GIS is a modern, powerful and easy-to-use GIS development platform that integrates GIS into numerous areas of business and helps you to realize functions like wide coverage, high interactivity and high efficiency.
GIS is a very broad term in data and information technology. It covers everything from simple navigation to more complex datasets: administrative, mapping, routing, networking, geocoding, and many more. GIS data is used in many areas such as energy, transportation, construction, telecom, manufacturing, international trade, governmental services, etc.
GIS Data Structure Design Process
Designing a GIS Database is a complex, time-consuming and skill-intensive process. Although developing a GIS database can be a daunting experience for some organizations, with a basic understanding of GIS principles and the GIS data management, the overall design will become much easier.
The fundamental aspects of GIS data include their data type, characteristics, data storage, accessing strategies and tools. This chapter will guide you through the basic GIS database structure designing process and help you understand some GIS principles so that you can design a GIS database with less work and achieve more stable, rapid development.
User interface
Databases are typically composed of three elements:
1. data
2. query language
3. user interface
GIS data, or simply GIS, is an abstract representation of real-world features and relationships in the form of geographic features and attributes. It includes positional data, such as points, lines, polygons, and plans, attribute data, such as names, types, ID, and so on, and spatial data such as the distance between the features.
The user interface of a database is the interface for users or GIS software. The user interface is also referred to as the user interface of the database, the user interface of GIS, or the GIS user interface (GUI).
Data Modeling in GIS
1. Data Modeling
GIS data modeling is a

AvisMap GIS Engine 3.01 Registration Code Free Download

The AvisMap GIS Engine is a powerful GIS development toolkit that makes it easy and effective to integrate vector and raster data into desktop Microsoft Windows based applications, providing GIS functions in the applications. Users can quickly and easily develop and support GIS applications for desktop GIS, map-overlay, vector-overlay, image-overlay, and other GIS requirements based on applications.
This SDK provides a comprehensive set of ActiveX Controls for developing GIS applications. The controls can be embedded into your VB, VB.NET, C# or other programs without the need for any hardware or database connection. All the ActiveX controls are supported by Microsoft Visual Studio versions 6, 2003, 2005, and Express.
For vector map, this SDK provides the AvisMap ActiveX Class Library. AvisMap GIS Engine developed to efficiently manage vector information, such as map layers, vectors, maps, and icons.
• Real-time printing of vector data using a printer driver under Microsoft Windows NT and 2000
• Auto-update of map information
• Exporting vector data to an image file and print it
• Offline display of map data
• Data compression for vector map display
• Envelope surrounding function
• Information list for vector map
For map overlays, this SDK provides the AvisMap Image Overlay Control. With this control, users can easily overlay images on map, supports a wide variety of image formats, like BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF, EMF, WMF, PCX, and many more image formats.
• Can be used to overlay a transparent image (envelopes)
• Envelopes using polygons and rectangles
• Map icons with an image file (BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF, EMF, WMF, PCX, etc.)
• Using a URL address to present a map layer
• Provide a link (URL) pointing to a map layer’s URL address
For map images, this SDK provides the AvisMap Vector Overlay Control. It’s designed to display vector map images as overlay on the map automatically when the map is opened and saved. You can use different maps of different types (vector maps, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, EMF, WMF, PCX, etc.) at the same time and integrate the vector map information into your VB or VB.NET applications.

What’s New in the?

AvisMap GIS Engine is an innovative component GIS SDK for desktop GIS application developers. It provides extensive libraries and tools for GIS application development. It is the basic development platform for AvisMap, a new generation GIS component that includes a user-friendly framework for rapidly developing GIS solutions, a data management layer, an image and map publishing engine, a thin client GIS user interface and a web mapping service.
AvisMap GIS Engine inherits AvisMap’s architecture with a unique GIS 2.0 platform for GIS application development. AvisMap focuses on 3Ds, data mapping, geospatial analysis, and visualization. For GIS developers, it offers a comprehensive, flexible and mature component GIS environment with powerful visualization and data analysis tools, a modern interface, extensive libraries and supports various embedded database engines.
AvisMap GIS Engine can provide comprehensive data management capabilities. For example, it supports the following built-in map layers:
A. Google – user can directly display the Google map on the existing project and realize map information query, display and editing.
B. Microsoft – the Microsoft map is shown in the AvisMap panel. With the included map layers, you can upload your map and view the server-side map tiles through the layers.
C. SDB.NET – user can choose SDB.NET data database to store the map information.
D. JavaScript. NET/WinForm.
AvisMap GIS Engine can integrate with one or more embedded database engines such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, SDB.NET, SQLite and can be used for a variety of GIS needs, including:
A. Simple GIS Manager. With the embedded database engine, the database is stored in a file on the disk. The user can conveniently store, organize, retrieve and edit the data through the AvisMap GIS Manager.
B. Map Viewing Service. With the embedded data engine, AvisMap GIS Server can provide the map service to the end-user or other developers using RESTful web service.
C. Image Query. With the embedded image engine, the user can select a map image and upload the source map image to AvisMap GIS Server to search for a corresponding matching map image.
D. Data Query. With the embedded data engine, the user can query the embedded SQL Server for the selected map layer.
E. Geospatial Analysis. With the GIS features,

System Requirements:

Windows 10
2560 x 1440 Display
900p or 1200p Screen Resolutions
iPad 4
iOS 9.0 or later
Android 4.1 or later
Sound Notes:
SOUNDS. Also Known as Objects In Space (OIS)
Impact (Impact) : objects that collide with each other generate a sound.
Slide : objects that move on the screen can have a sliding effect.

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