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* Photoshop can edit color, black-and-white, and grayscale images.
* It can create special effects (often referred to as “graphics” when working on web graphics or graphics for print publication).
* Photoshop also supports 3D, and Photoshop CS3 includes 3D capabilities called Photoshop 3D.
* Many versions of Photoshop support scripting.

Adobe Photoshop is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. See the book’s Introduction chapter, Chapter 1, to find information on how to download the software.

Although Photoshop includes the standard editing tools, it also includes many specialized tools for photography. For example, you can use the Photoshop Adjustment panels to adjust levels, curves, and other color and tone adjustments. You can find these tools on the Tools panel and on the panels immediately beneath that on the Layers panel. The panels are called the _Layers panel_ or _Toolbox._

The Photoshop Camera Raw panel allows you to make RAW camera raw adjustments with a different set of tools than you would use with RAW files in the Lightroom software that accompanies Chapter 1. It’s covered in Chapter 1.

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While Photoshop is a powerful and feature-laden image editing program, it’s not really that user-friendly. And, for those just learning the software it can be a little intimidating.

The purpose of this guide is to teach you how to use Photoshop Elements, in a step-by-step way, by tackling problems and learning shortcuts that will help you make your images look their best.

Quick Start Guide

You should learn a new skill, even if you’re already using this software.

If you’re starting from scratch, or would like a refresher, this guide will take you from a non-Photoshop-user to someone who can edit, resize, convert, and save images using Photoshop Elements.

How to Resize Images

Imagine that you’ve been tasked with creating an image for a magazine, newsletter, or online publication. A good rule of thumb is to create large, high-resolution images, and then “fit” them to the dimensions you need.

This means that you need to know the size of the image you need to make, and then resize the image so it’s the exact size you want. There are two basic ways to do this.

1. Select the Image

Open the image you want to resize in Photoshop Elements. Click the File menu > Open to open it.

Click the Scale icon at the bottom of the screen to go to the Image Size dialog box.

Click the arrow next to Image Size to open a menu.

Click the size you want to change the image to. If you want to resize the image to a new size, you want to change it to Original or Fit Image.

You can also change the image to its original size by selecting to change the size to Original.

2. Change the Image Size

Some images are already sized correctly for you. If that’s the case, you don’t need to open the image. Simply click the New Size button (or press Enter on the keyboard) to get the same results as method 1.

Manually Fit Images

If the image you want to resize isn’t already sized correctly, or if you’d like to resize the image in a different size than what the original image is already sized at, you have to resize it manually. This is done in the dialog box.

Open the image you’d like to change in Photoshop

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Kurds do everything that is good in the world. They are the Persian John Wayne, the Toulouse du Lac, the Baluch freedom fighters of Fars province, the boyscout cross-country runners of Iranian Kurdistan, wearing all their semiconscious quasi-fascist nationalism on their sleeves; they’re the civil society activists who every so often take it upon themselves to make the world know about the horrors of Saddam Hussein.

Kurdish women can do anything and are beautiful. They’re the vibrant belly dancing figures that you see on TV at the Intercontinental, the Berliner Kabarett and Woody Allen’s restaurant. They’re the earthy yet artistic exclamations of love. They are the pioneering Arctic cosmonauts, surgeons, world-class musicians and fashion designers.

I met 40-year-old Emir Krasniqi, an engineer and filmmaker, as I was going up to the 7th floor of the Amara hotel in downtown Erbil. We had just agreed to meet the next day at his home because he is spearheading the National Theatre of the Movement for Democracy (NTMD), a cultural movement he launched last year to forge unity among Kurdish intellectuals. But Krasniqi wasn’t there. My taxi driver waited for me until late and pinged me the next morning on my mobile phone, suggesting we meet at the NTMD office, where he knew the secretary. A few minutes later I got a text message: “My brother has been in a car accident, he has broken both legs.”

Krasniqi’s brother, 44, is an activist with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), the guerrilla movement that fought for Kurdish independence from Turkey. But Krasniqi isn’t upset about the accident. “He has sacrificed many other things to his nationalist cause.”

“He used to look away when I talked about Abdullah Ocalan [the jailed PKK leader]. He used to tell me that it’s not right to be a nationalist, that he had to be a socialist,” Krasniqi told me. Today, he said, “we are united with him.”

Surely, I said, he is against violence?

“No one forced him to be a militant. He wasn’t a forced person.”

He was angry when

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