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Once again, this year’s game delivers several key features that will enhance the competitive and player-focused aspects of the experience. FIFA 22 will also provide a very realistic presentation, “Fan-First Commentary” and new features in Career Mode, FIFA Ultimate Team, Player Stories and FIFA Ultimate Team Leagues.

“The addition of HyperMotion Technology to FIFA 22 is a momentous step for football,” FIFA president Gianni Infantino said. “The more we can apply the technology to player movements and actions, the better the game will be for players and fans. We cannot wait to show this on the pitch in FIFA 22 and beyond.”

FIFA 22 also introduces Capture the Flag. This new mode takes the form of a “power struggle” between two or more teams. Teams choose one of their players to be the “flag carrier.” During the game, players carry a “flag” within a mini-map by moving the virtual mouse. At the end of the game, the team with the most points at the end of the match wins.

This year, we start the season with the Mexico international friendly against USA on March 26 (3 a.m. ET). From April 6 – May 16, you can be eligible for the FIFA 22 Preseason Tournament and the FIFA 22 MWC Group B Tournament. Click here for dates and ticket information.

What Is HyperMotion Technology?

FIFA 22 introduces “HyperMotion Technology” — an entirely new type of artificial intelligence that uses the data from real-life movements from 22 elite athletes playing full-contact football to deliver a more authentic, high-intensity simulation.

For the first time ever in a video game, this technology allows players to control the way their on-the-ball actions happen. More than a programmed reaction to what they see in front of them, the technology is powered by the player’s intention to receive the ball or interact with another player.

HyperMotion Technology uses an algorithm that captures the real-life movements from the 22 elite athletes and generates real player behavior and reactions.

Recreating the movements and actions of the players in the virtual world is all the more impressive because the athletes are from the FIFA community. This is not a scripted game environment but reflects real-life game conditions of 22 elite athletes playing a complete high-intensity match in a highly creative


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Live in high-intensity, real-world football matches with new ‘HyperMotion Technology’.
  • Master the authentic, broadcast-quality sportscasts and videos that are now included in FIFA.
  • Live out your dreams in Career Mode as both a manager and a player.
  • Simulate every skill transition in the game with low-latency, high-precision controls.
  • Master the fast-paced, epic new Remix Rules, with more accurate ball physics.
  • Come face to face with the best players in the world with rivalries in all competitions, including club, national team, and international.
  • Customise your real-world team with more than 550 playable kits and 11,000 player traits.
  • Become a leading striker with all-new Sniper and Athlete Traits.
  • Control the game however you want, with moves, sub-regional movements and more.
  • Discover diverse new formations, and new passing options via the improved Play Styles.
  • Watch your teammates like never before: New free-kick animations make cross-balls even more reliable.
  • Create and save your playing styles to take with you wherever you play.
  • Matchday euphoria comes to life as new celebrations bring fans on the pitch.
  • Back in volleys with the idea to work co-operatively with your club in your club mode.
  • Create your very own coaching team and progress your career from age group to first-team to coaching to managing.
  • Create, share and play custom tournaments with up to 100,000 friends, and play as up to 10 teams simultaneously.

What’s New on Xbox One.

Career Mode.

Master coach in the new, open-ended Career Mode where you’ll play through your club’s journey, from youth team, right up to the Premier League. Gain experience with coaching jobs and promotions, manage the finances, recruit players to create your very own team and keep abreast of everything you need to get your team into the top league.

  • Create and play with your very own team that you can mould as you see fit.


Fifa 22 Latest

FIFA™ is a tremendously popular sports video game, and the heart of it is the chance for you to take control of a soccer team and play out the sport’s most important match – and even the most important moments – with your friends.

EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 is the 22nd season of the most authentic soccer video game in history. With more than 100 million players worldwide, FIFA is the world’s biggest sports franchise, now available on more platforms than any other sports game in history.

The Ultimate Team

What you look at, who you pass to and how your teammates react together are all a part of the experience of playing your favorite football club.

That’s where the Ultimate Team comes in. In the Ultimate Team, you can level up existing players, create your own player and share your Ultimate Team with up to 24 of your friends. If you’re playing in an Ultimate Team, you’ll use a mixture of coins and FIFA Ultimate Team Points (FUT points) to make your players better. You’ll also be able to unlock new items such as kits, players and stadiums to build your Ultimate Team.

The Premier League

The British domestic league consists of 20 teams, each of which plays 30 matches each season across three divisions, and its form will determine whether you qualify for the FA Cup or the UEFA Champions League at the end of the season.

In FIFA, you play as one of 20 clubs competing in the new England Premier League. You choose your team, then lead it to glory at home and away matches. You make your team more successful by recruiting new players, keeping star players happy and improving the level of your team’s players.

FIFA Ultimate Team

In FIFA Ultimate Team, you’ll select a team from your Ultimate Team and play against real-world players from around the world. The more stars you add to your team, the more powerful that team becomes.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Powered by Football

Just like in the real world, the FIFA World Cup™ is a massive global event. Each country in the world gathers a national team, and during the World Cup, you’ll play matches against your nation’s team and try to help your squad win the World Cup.

FIFA World Cup™

You’ll manage a group of five teams


Fifa 22 [2022-Latest]

FUT not only gives you the freedom to create your dream team, it gives you the tools to make sure that team is as competitive as possible. Play to win and be a part of the celebrations as your squad rises to glory!

Dynamic Tactics – Dynamic Tactical is the team-building mode at its finest. Create the best team you can with different ways to play, choose from a rich set of real-world tactics to master, and test how you do compared to every other manager in the world. Whether you’re looking to compete to win or settle in for some side-by-side strategy, you can test your tactics and play to win in any way you like with Dynamic Tactical.


FIFA 22 represents the next evolution of the award-winning series. Experience what it means to be a football professional in FIFA 22, with dynamic new gameplay on and off the pitch, unprecedented control over the action, the most authentic team and player motion, and all-new game modes.


Get even closer to the action and experience a completely redesigned and expanded universe around the beautiful game. With player control set to an all-new level, your actions on and off the pitch will have a greater impact than ever. Play smarter, make smarter decisions, and feel the emotion of any touch on any pitch with the new Breathe Life to the Game mode.


The ball passes through the world with a new level of authenticity and fluidity thanks to the all-new Anisotropic Filtering technology. The result is a more responsive and immersive football experience that keeps every player in motion.


Unique to FIFA, with 360 degree player motion and new animations, you’ll feel the impact of every play at any speed. Players will feel more responsive, and moves will look more natural in any environment.


Up to the minute player characteristics are obtained through the game’s new player profile technology. This first-of-its-kind technology enables you to design players based on real data.


Experience a fully-realistic, accurate soccer playing surface and stadium. Enjoy the ever-present atmosphere of crowd behavior to produce atmosphere-rich game play. Soccer stadiums now feel lived in, and every touch on the field has a different reaction


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