HD Online Player (video Strip Poker Classic 2007 V3.01) [HOT]

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HD Online Player (video Strip Poker Classic 2007 V3.01)               HD Online Player (video Strip Poker Classic 2007 V3.01) First of all we have very good figures for the number of visitors of this site. There are a few thousands of them. “Xbox HD” […]


HD Online Player (video Strip Poker Classic 2007 V3.01)

First of all we have very good figures for the number of visitors of this site. There are a few thousands of them.

“Xbox HD” is actually “all versions of the game”. It is not the regular Xbox 360, not the Cell version of the game, or the Arcade version of the game. So, for all of you who were whining about the game not working on your 360, you’re out of luck. Sorry. It’s the real HD version.
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