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    Roblox is a free online game-making system and online game hosting service where users are able to code and design games using Lua and the Blox game engine. Users can then monetize their games through advertising revenue sharing, or though the optional purchase of Robux, a virtual currency. […]



Roblox is a free online game-making system and online game hosting service where users are able to code and design games using Lua and the Blox game engine. Users can then monetize their games through advertising revenue sharing, or though the optional purchase of Robux, a virtual currency.
With the growing popularity of social video games on both YouTube and Facebook, Roblox decided to create an online game where players could also play with their friends. The site debuted on November 1, 2006.[1] Roblox officially launched the service to the public on May 26, 2007. Since its debut, Roblox has found success as a provider of virtual worlds that anyone can access regardless of technological ability, age, or gender, allowing users to create their own games and play them in the browser without any downloads or plugins required.[2]
Roblox games may be created by users, available for download from the Roblox website, and hosted by the Roblox servers. Users may also subscribe to Premium accounts for increased game server capacity and a larger game library.[3] Roblox-created games include action, adventure, and dynamic games, such as Tower games, sandbox games, and platform games. The Roblox website states that there are “more than 2.5 million registered users, including 300,000 active game developers”.[4]
The site hosts over 400,000 games created by its users, in addition to more than 500 games created by Roblox employees.[5]Roblox also offers a video game development system that allows users to make their own games from conception to completion. The system is called Blox and allows users to create their games using the Lua programming language, the Blox scripting language, or a combination of both. Roblox has produced public videos to showcase its in-game development tools, as well as internal videos such as a demonstration of its virtual reality platform.[6]
Notable users of Roblox include Ali Incandela, inventor of the Paintingshift toy;[7]Ben Folds, musician, singer-songwriter, and comedian[8]
In addition to game creation, Roblox also hosts games that have been designed by third parties, including children’s games created by Playdom and educational games created by teachers for children.[9]Games created using the Roblox game engine are available to both public and private users of the Roblox website and mobile app. Roblox allows users to choose the privacy settings for


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How To Do Roblox Trading


Roblox is a huge multiplayer game with billions of players around the world. Robux and Roblox codes are extremely common in games with players cheating to get free robux. Roblox could be boring and so would be the games you play with your robux. So we made a list of tips and tricks for you to make the game even more fun. Scroll down and you will find cheats for Roblox by priority.
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Today I’ve joined in this particular game called Roblox.
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In this post I’ll write a step by step guide of how to get free robux on Roblox.
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We’ll just be giving “real” tutorial’s because I’m lazy sometimes.
Now we have to be logged in to Roblox.

Then we open our Internet browser and go to the home page for Roblox

Please make sure you don’t have any program that is in the background like Ad Blocker

Then we will proceed into the game.

First step here is to click on the YELLOW LOGIN button (the one on the right)

Next we have to link up our Google account to our Roblox account.

After that, we just have to click on the LOGIN button and press “LOGIN”.

After that’s done and your logged in, it’s time to find out how to get free robux.

First of all we will start click on the PLAY icon to play Roblox

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After a few questions we get our first free robux for free.

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