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Code editors these days have come a long way from their initial inception, which was more of a transition, of using standard text editors for extended purposes. Their evolution has crossed highs and lows, from reaching more complex forms, and all the way down to the opposite end of the spectrum, where minimalism primed. monolith code is certainly found at that end of the spectrum, and it will offer users a compact and lightweight IDE, but, very importantly, without sacrificing any essential functionality or features.
Minimalism personified, as the proposed design sports a single, simple interface, with an even simpler layout
The design of the app is truly minimalist, and one might argue that by lacking any on-screen buttons or controls, it can be borderline truncated. However, given its scope and intended purpose, we feel that this minimalism is exactly what is required.
Line numbering is provided, and the resizable interface features word wrap, which is a must. There aren’t any options for customizing or formatting the fonts, but then again, that wouldn’t add much to the actual functionality.
Support for a wide range of formats and programming languages, each accompanied by corresponding syntax highlighting
Leaving looks aside, one of the strong points of monolith code is its collection of compatible formats and programming languages that are supported. A small, unobtrusive selector allows one to easily toggle a list and choose the preferred one easily.
Depending on the selection, the application will also prompt the specific syntax and corresponding highlighting, thus adding a “splash of color” to the already minimalist interface.
Handy IDE, which manages to combine simplicity with functionality, in a minimalist package
Give monolith code a try, if you seek a simple yet capable text editor, which features a stylish simple design and supports a wide range of text formats and programming languages.







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“monolith code” is a fast, versatile and intuitive code editor for Windows. It can open and read a wide variety of file types, including text, HTML, XML, Java, Javascript, CSS, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Python, VB, C++, C#, Fortran, and Pascal. It is also a Markdown syntax editor, and supports markdown for HTML and PDF.
“monolith code” is an advanced code editor, which is perfect for developer’s daily work, and features many useful features such as bundled code snippets, language preview, call tree, code diff, and CodeLens.
Key Features:
• Supports a wide variety of text formats and programming languages, for which specific syntax highlighting is also included.
• Designed in.NET, which makes it run fast on all Windows versions.
• Support Markdown syntax highlighting for HTML/PDF.
• Uses “monolith IDE” technology, which means that all lines of code are displayed in a single, uniform layout, and can be indented using keyboard shortcuts.
• Can open and read all types of files, including text, HTML, XML, Java, Javascript, CSS, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Python, VB, C++, C#, Fortran, and Pascal.
• Can be customized to a great extent, including colors, formats, fonts, and code snippets.
• Offers a “Declaration” and “Call Tree” section, which is good for developers.
• Works on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10
• Runs on both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows versions.
• Runs fine even with high resolution displays.
• Allows one to generate good looking Word and PDF documents from source code.
• Can open multiple files at once, making code editing seamless and faster.
• It can display code snippets, which is useful when searching for solutions and problem solving.
• Can edit CodeLens, which is perfect for developers and can show which files a specific line is contained in.
• Supports code snippets and CodeLens.
• Supports multiline code snippets.
• Supports advanced searching using regular expressions.
• Copies/Paste of code snippet snippets are saved in the last used folder.
• Works with “monolith code” language extensions.
• Very fast and lightweight.
• One language language (C#) included.
• “monolith code” is open source.
• Supports Visual Studio and

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Minimalistic code editor with a simple and clean layout, featuring built-in language definitions for JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, HTML, CSS, Markdown and Git and a great selection of language-specific syntax and definition highlighting.
monolith code current version: 1.5.1
monolith code screenshot:
Download monolith code
monolith code license: freeware
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Monolith code is a total programming and text editor, accessible via a single, powerful, simple, and modern interface. The application allows for working on various kinds of documents, from simple Markdown files to code, and, of course, it is a perfect fit for developers and designers alike.
monolith code is a powerful, minimal editor
A word on the word “powerful”
Monolith code is not, contrary to what the name might suggest, a full-blown IDE. More so than a typical text editor, monolith is meant to be a simple and robust tool for the purpose of creating, displaying, and editing text files, with emphasis on proper code syntax and highlighting.
The focus being on providing full syntax highlighting for every text file format supported by the application, it wouldn’t be fair to say that monolith wouldn’t be powerful. It’s almost a given that it will be capable of building some documents from scratch, and, at the same time, it won’t struggle to display even the most complex ones.
monolith code has an intuitive and attractive look
Even though the initial look and feel may appear to be rough around the edges, the included color and gradient effects and the iconography used don’t impose any risks of displeasure.
At the same time, the design does keep a clean and extremely lightweight look. Most importantly, the app’s single interface means it is just one window, without any clutter.
Monolith code has undergone many iterations in the course of its development, each time bringing the app to a better shape. The application was built with the minimalistic, attractive, and easy-to-use design ideals in mind.
All of this design was driven by one main goal: to make the app accessible and intuitive for the average user, who will learn to use it with ease and a smile on his or her face.
monolith code is minimalistic with a splash of real style
The UI has a black-and-white aesthetic, as one would expect from a text editor application.
The app has a modern look, with a flat and minimalist interface layout, which means everything is visible and easily accessible, and the colors, too, make a simple yet pleasing impression, as they take on a white-to-black gradient color scheme.
Like we mentioned, the fonts are not customizable or configurable, but there is room for improvement in this regard, at least in the apps’

What’s New in the?

An extremely simple, yet competent, text editor. Built on a minimalist style.
i.a. Highlight syntax of the text file in which you type.
– Allowed formats:
– Allowed languages:
C, C++, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, Java, Python, PHP, Go, Rust, Objective-C, Swift, Tcl, Markdown, CSS, XML, Ruby
Key features:
– Programming languages: Ruby, Java, JavaScript, C++, Python, HTML, SQL, XHTML, XML, Markdown, CSS,
– Supported file types: text, CSV, TXT, HTML, XML, SQL, Pascal, Pascal, XHTML, C, XLS, HTML, C++, Go,
– Basic line numbering
– Indentation options: tabs, spaces, mixed (use dots), no formatting at all
– Word wrap and line wrap
– Built-in support for multiple cursors
– Support for syntax highlighting
– Quick links panel to open file, project, and symbol
– Searching and replace
– Support for expanded search text parameters
– Copy and paste
– Auto complete
– History search and edit
– Code folding
– Customize your own toolbar
– User-defined font faces and sizes
– Change color and size of highlighting
– Support for text alignment
– Support for cursor functions: move, jump, delete, undo, redo, cut, paste
– Support for tab key (insert tab at current cursor position)
– Support for sticky/non-sticky cursors
– Support for recent files
– Support for bookmarks
– Workspaces (open/close/duplicate)
– Tabs
– Multiple selections
– Searches
– Files and projects
– Metadata
– Project management
– Snippets
– Numeric and string math
– Intellisense
– Commenting
– Spell checking
– Toolbar editor
– Supports custom commands
– Customize the menu
– Drag and drop
– Detailed description

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System Requirements:

– A 64-bit processor running at 2.8GHz or faster
– 4GB RAM (8GB recommended)
– NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD RX 460, AMD R9 390
– Windows 10 64-bit, 64-bit OS
– Ability to use a mouse or keyboard
– 8GB RAM (16GB recommended)
– NVIDIA GTX 1070 /

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