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Figure 1: Interface elements in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has a lot of functions and features. However, in this tutorial, you’ll get a basic understanding of how it works and how to edit and manipulate your photos.

Once you start using the program, you’ll discover many more features and methods of improving the look of your photographs.

The Photoshop Interface

The following image shows the Photoshop interface. To begin, click on the image to open a large version of it in Photoshop.

Figure 1: Opening an image in Photoshop

Photoshop is a raster image editing program and thus allows you to create and manipulate raster images. In addition to creating and manipulating raster images, Photoshop can also create vector graphics, which are one-dimensional drawings or artwork made by making precise measurements.

In Photoshop, vector images are called graphics, and they’re described by mathematical points, lines, curves, etc. You can place multiple graphics in a document.

Photoshop also has text tools, an object browser, and a shape selector tool. Each tool performs a different action on the image.

When an image is displayed in Photoshop, it’s displayed in the background behind a layer mask. This layer mask is like a filter that blends the layers, and allows you to create complex masks and masks with many colors.

Figure 1: A layer mask displays the progress of editing a layer

Figure 2: The photo of the winning horse “Giddy Up” had a few minor blemishes in the photo.

Figure 2: Using the Spot Healing Brush, the blemishes were fixed and the photo was leveled


Photoshop is based on layers. The objects in an image are stored as layers.

Each object in an image has a layer above it. Layers can be grouped into layers and these layers can all be turned on or off.

You can also apply different effects to layers, such as filters, color adjustments, crop, brightness, and contrast.

Figure 3: The original image of the winning horse “Giddy Up”

Figure 3: Layer “Giddy Up” added an adjustment layer with a filter “Color Balance” and then applied this filter to the layer

Figure 4: The horse “Giddy Up” has a slight blur added to it, which makes it look more like a photograph.

Figure 4: An adjustment layer with a blur filter (red arrow)

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Elements Photoshop is a superior image editor to Photoshop. The biggest reason for this is that the program is easier to use and has less options. The other advantage is that the program’s built-in tools give you access to many more things than Photoshop does.

Elements Photoshop is great for image editing that only requires basic adjustments such as rotating, cropping, and resizing. If you want to create a composite, use a mask, or create special effects you’ll need Photoshop.

3. Instagram’s Unplanned Post Subscription

Photo: gIPHY

All Instagram users use a mobile app to shoot and upload images, but this app lets you also create memes and share images with just a simple subscription. The subscription is your account’s default upload frequency for photos. You can set a monthly, weekly or daily upload limit for your Instagram account.

4. The Crypto-Vegan Fad

Photo: Crypto Meme Vault

Crypto-Vegan memes first rose to popularity around 2019, and the phenomenon has continued to grow. Like the culture of cryptocurrency, they take elements from other memes and give them a crypto-vegan twist. Their distinct characteristics include the use of crypto-specific animals, fictional characters and corporations.

Crypto-vegan memes are also divided into two main categories: “Crypto” and “Vegan.” Others, like Caitlin Rose, have used themes like food, rainbows, or women.

5. Mega Man’s Daughter

Photo: gIPHY

Mega Man’s daughter, Mega Girl, was a popular character in her own right. She was introduced in a Japanese video game by Capcom called Mega Man Star Force. Later, the character appeared in several other video games and animated TV shows.

Since then, Mega Girl has appeared in many memes and has taken on some new characteristics. She started her own group known as the Mega Girl’s Sisters. She’s also shown wearing new clothes, and some memes that were originally Mega Man-related were reshaped to fit the Mega Girl’s image.

6. The Director Filter

Photo: gIPHY

The Director Filter was a self-indulgent, entertaining way to create your own memes during the early 2010s. You could watch videos, save them to a folder and set the time you wanted the meme to start playing. You could also create memes by typing, and later you could even punch text into

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How can I get my python code to use the same string as the left side of a tuple?

I have a set of names that represent a list of list. This list is in a tuple, so I have, for example:
names = (‘Fabio’,’Josh’,’Grant’)
names[1][1] = -1

Which gives me:
(‘Fabio’, [‘Josh’, ‘Grant’], [-1])

Because the first element (Fabio) goes into the first list of the tuple, and so on.
My question is, is there anyway to take Fabio and use that string as the left side of the list? What I’d like the output to be:
(‘Josh’, [-1,’Grant’])

Basically I’d just like to add the first element of the tuple to the end of the list.
Is there a way to do that?


You could use a list comprehension and list.extend():
names = (‘Fabio’,’Josh’,’Grant’)
names[1][1] = -1

#(‘Josh’, [‘Grant’], [-1])

names2 = list(zip(names, names[1]))

#[(‘Josh’, ‘Grant’), (-1, -1)]

list.extend(zip(names, names[1]), [-1])

#(‘Josh’, [-1, ‘Grant’])



Last August in Suffolk, Virginia, a large crowd of black history celebrants gathered at the Duke Ellington Memorial Park for an awesome concert called “Celebrating Black History,” sponsored by the Petersburg Downtown Commercial Association.

But one man in particular was beyond elated. His name was Charles White. He was from Petersburg, and loved old time gospel music. He wasn’t there to listen to a concert, he was there to watch history being made and to witness it all up close, first hand.

In the past, I’ve only written about the post Civil War black experience, the first cross-racial interracial marriage, and a pretty rare interracial adoption. But if the numbers are to be believed, there is something else that should be on everyone’s list of familiar things to do in the holidays.

System Requirements:

Online multiplayer requires broadband Internet access and compatible web browser.
The game contains High Definition content that is enhanced for the widescreen format. Some features may not be available in all territories. For optimal performance, we recommend playing the game on a system with at least a DirectX 11 compatible graphics card.
For specific technical information on this game, see the system requirements on the product page.
“This game is so full of life that it is simply addictive to play.” ― Nordic Game

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