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vMAGIC is a useful Java API designed to enable users to create VHDL generators and analyzers.
vMAGIC comprises of three parts: a VHDL’93 compliant parser, a programming model to easily create and modify VHDL constructs and a VHDL Writer to generate code.







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Standard VHDL parser based on the Parser Composition Architecture.
User defined record types and user defined data types for input and output.
A Closure based programming model
Generation of VHDL code for any XML-based description, resulting in human readable code.

vMAGIC Activation Code Examples:

Parser Code:
package (vmagicPkg);

import (vmagicDeclareApi);

package body vmagicPkg is

— Verbs

Verb_Create : constant Boolean := True;
Verb_Open : constant Boolean := True;
Verb_Close : constant Boolean := True;
Verb_Append : constant Boolean := True;
Verb_Rollback : constant Boolean := True;
Verb_Copy : constant Boolean := True;

— Types

— Parts of the API

— Convenience methods


vMAGIC provides a full-featured and VHDL’93 compliant parser and a VHDL’93 compliant generator and analyzer. The parser handles VHDL93 syntax, semantics, and syntax errors. The generator produces readable VHDL93 code that can be compiled to an executable binary. The analyzer discovers syntactic and semantic problems in the design. vMAGIC supports the following features:

— VHDL’93 compliant language: the parser understands all the constructs available in the IEEE standard.
— VHDL’93 compliant language syntax: the parser can analyze all the constructs of a VHDL’93 program and provide syntactic errors directly for those constructs that are not understood.
— Extensible: the parser can be extended to handle new construct if needed.
— IDE-Independent: vMAGIC is integrated into the Eclipse IDE as a plug-in.

— VHDL’93 compliant parser and generator: the parser and generator are provided as one unit. They use almost all the grammar available in VHDL’93.
— Tool-Specific interface: the parser can be used to analyze the syntax of other tools for validation. The generator produces VHDL’93 code that can be included into the design file of other tools.
— Syntax and semantic error analyzer: the parser identifies most syntactic errors and provides a semantic error message list.

— IDE-Integration: the parser is integrated into the Eclipse IDE. The IDE recognizes the grammar and provides options to run the parser, which provides syntactic errors directly in the editor. The generator is integrated into the IDE. The IDE recognizes the grammar and offers an option to include the output of the generator into the design file.

— Syntactic and semantic error analyzer: the VHDL’93 parser and VHDL’93 generator offer an option to ignore syntactic errors and detect semantic errors directly in the design.
— Syntax error analyzer: vMAGIC supports the automatic generation of a sequence of consecutive syntactic error messages.
— Semantic error analyzer: vMAGIC provides a semiautomatic diagnostic assistant.

For example, we can add a block to the design as follows:

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vMAGIC consists of three parts. The first part is the parser that can take the various textual representation of VHDL and returns a parse tree, the second part is an application programming interface based on it that gives the user a programming model that enables the user to create and modify their VHDL design and the third part is a VHDL writer to generate code.
The second part, the application programming interface, supports the following types of operations:
Specifying the VHDL structure through a VHDL structure language.
Creates and modify existing VHDL constructs through an abstract syntax representation based on VHDL’93.
Generates VHDL code through a VHDL generator.
Analyzes an arbitrary VHDL structure with a VHDL parser.

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External links
vMAGIC website

Category:Free VHDL tools
Category:Free software programmed in Java (programming language)
Category:Free software programmed in C++
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What’s New in the?

By using vMAGIC you can automate the generation of VHDL code for your Designs.
vMAGIC includes support for the following features:

Input source file and multiple output files
VHDL 93 compliant
Generation of Verilog compatible files
Generation of Verilog and ISE compatible files
Source-level debugging support in SystemVerilog
Fully supports the Cascading Flow of Data (CFD), Flow-File and Multi-File flows
Based on the design and file-types support in HSPICE.
Interactive toolset for simulating the design
Generate the IP logic from the design at runtime
Support for User defined signals
Synthesis and analysis
Support for RTL/System/FPGA coding styles.
Interactive mode design environment, with active-interactive mode (AIM) and active-wrapups (AW)
aVerilog and IP XES tools
Windows, Linux and Mac OS support

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External links
vMAGIC web site.
EDA Software Guide.

Category:Electronic circuit simulation software#include “Poderosa.h”
#include “PoderosaSelect.h”
#include “PoderosaSearchBox.h”

#include “App-desktop/DesktopDefaultWindowFactory.h”
#include “App-desktop/DesktopFactory.h”
#include “App-desktop/DesktopFactory_Windows.h”
#include “App-desktop/DesktopFactory_Mac.h”

namespace Poderosa {
void showSearchBox()
DesktopDefaultWindowFactory *factory = DesktopFactory::getDefault();
PoderosaSelect *select = PoderosaSelect::create(factory);
d->searchBox = select;
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Semiconductor memory devices

System Requirements:

*Windows 10, 8.1 or 7
*Intel i5-2500k 3.30 GHz 4 core processor with 8 GB RAM
*8 GB free hard disk space
*512MB free video card memory
The game has very high requirements for processor, RAM and GPU. If your computer does not meet the requirements, the game cannot be played.
*What’s New in Version:0.2.13:
*Added new accessories for the squad.
*Added new models of weapons


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